My holiday to Coffs Harbour

On the holidays I went to Coffs Harbour to watch my brother play soccer for Victoria. He played 6 games. He lost 3 and drew 3. It was also lots of fun where we stayed. I mades some friends and we played in the pools and also beach volleyball. The beach was very nice and we walked along the rocks to find shells and in the mornings we could see whales swimming. On the way home we had to fly to Sydney. We got stuck there because our plane was delayed and we had to go to a hotel in Sydney. It was very late when we got to the hotel and had to check in. I was very tired and I slept and slept and slept. In the morning they gave us breakfast. They came to pick us up in a bus to take us back to the airport. When we got there we had something to eat and waited for our plane. It was the same plane that my brother and his team were on. The plane was awesome. It had a little tv in the seat so we could watch movies. When we got home I was excited to see my Dad and I jumped on him. I was so happy to see my dog. Thanks Will for telling everyone I was in Africa!! I also went to the movies on the holidays with friends, played the PS4 and other things.